Beach Ford All-American Scholarship Winners!

Since 1988, Beach Ford proudly presents a scholarship to a graduating senior at each public high school in Virginia Beach, VA.  Here are the criteria we submit to the selection committee at each high school.

The student must demonstrate that he or she possesses the following characteristics:

·        Leadership Skills

·        Poise

·        Community Service

·        Academic Excellence

Congratulations to the 2019 Beach Ford All-American $1,000 Scholarship winners!

 Bayside High School                          Talia Chevon Willie             

 Cox High School                                Ashley Lauren Brunick

 First Colonial High School                Andrea Kate Pember

 Green Run Collegiate                         Jacinda Nicole Hawkins

 Green Run High School                     Bethlehem Dawit

 Kellam High School                           Kennedy Lee Farmer

 Kempsville High School                    Claire Elizabeth Lundberg

 Landstown High School                     Efstratios Zouros

 Ocean Lakes High School                  Joshua Cole Faggert

 Princess Anne High School                Leah Gabriella Wilson

 Salem High School                             Annika Elizabeth Suh

 Tallwood High School                       Kari Amil Lea-Smith

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