Beach Ford All-American Scholarship Winners!


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The purpose of the Beach Ford All-American Scholarship is to give students incentive to further their formal education.  This scholarship also holds as its purpose the recognition of students who have excelled in student leadership, in school and/or community activities as well as scholarship.




1.         The scholarship amount to be awarded will be limited to a total of $1,000.00 for one student from each senior high school.  This will be for one year and not for every year the student is in college.

2.         Financial need will not be required for this scholarship.

3.         Following the initial screening of applications, three to five finalists will be chosen and interviewed by the school's Scholarship Committee.

4.         All applications should be submitted to your guidance counselor or the school's scholarship committee.  Students should not forward applications directly to Beach Ford.  The recipient will be chosen by the Scholarship Committee of each high school and ONLY the selected recipient's information should be forwarded to Beach Ford. 

5.         The recipient of each scholarship will be recognized at the Awards Assembly at each high school.

6.         The scholarship money ($1,000.00) will be disbursed to the college or university to which the recipient has been accepted and will attend.

7.         Information about the student receiving the scholarship award and his/her activities (i.e., completed application, 3 letters or recommendation, certified copy of transcript) should be forwarded to Tom Barton at Beach Ford, 2717, Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA  23452 as soon as a decision has been made.




1.         The applicant must be a graduating senior from one of the City of Virginia Beach public high schools in the current school year.

2.         The applicant must have a 3.0 grade point average.

3.         The copy of the student's transcript must accompany the application.  SAT scores will not be considered in this evaluation.  Applicants are not to indicate SAT scores.

4.         Three letters of recommendation from adults associated with the applicant must accompany the student's application.

5.         The recipient must be accepted at an accredited institution of higher learning and agree to be a full time student at that institution.

6.         Applications should be received by the guidance office before April 30th of the current school year. Check with your scholarship chair to determine your school's deadline.

7.         The recipient must display leadership skills, poise, confidence, and involvement in student and/or community activities.

8.         Should the finalist receive an all-expense scholarship from another source, this scholarship money will be awarded to the next runner-up finalist.

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Financial Consideration:


Each individual high school will notify Tom Barton at Beach Ford of the name of the college or university chosen by the winning student.  Beach Ford will then present a check made out to the institution to the winning student at the awards ceremony.


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DATE:            ___________________________



1.  Name __________________________________________________________    Age ______

                              Last                                 First                           Middle


2.  Home Address _______________________________________________________________

                                         Street                                         City                          State             Zip


3.  Name of Parent or Guardian ____________________________________________________




    a.  Name of High School _______________________________________________________


         Principal's Name __________________________________________________________


     b. Your Class Rank at time of Application  _______________


     c.  Number in your Graduating Class ___________


     d.  Attach copy of high school transcript.  SAT scores are NOT to be considered.  Do not

          indicate SAT scores.


5.  Name of college you plan to attend ______________________________________________




     a.  Community, Church, and School Activities:


                        Name of Activity                    Positions Held                    Dates

            ______________________    _____________________      ____________

            ______________________    _____________________      ____________

______________________    _____________________      ____________

            ______________________    _____________________      ____________

______________________    _____________________      ____________

            ______________________    _____________________      ____________

______________________    _____________________      ____________


7.  Explain in your own words why you feel you deserve this scholarship. (Please attach extra

     sheet, if necessary).

Make an Inquiry

Since 1988, Beach Ford proudly presents a scholarship to a graduating senior at each public high school in Virginia Beach, VA.  Here are the criteria we submit to the selection committee at each high school.

The student must demonstrate that he or she possesses the following characteristics:

·        Leadership Skills

·        Poise

·        Community Service

·        Academic Excellence

Congratulations to the 2019 Beach Ford All-American $1,000 Scholarship winners!

 Bayside High School                          Talia Chevon Willie             

 Cox High School                                Ashley Lauren Brunick

 First Colonial High School                Andrea Kate Pember

 Green Run Collegiate                         Jacinda Nicole Hawkins

 Green Run High School                     Bethlehem Dawit

 Kellam High School                           Kennedy Lee Farmer

 Kempsville High School                    Claire Elizabeth Lundberg

 Landstown High School                     Efstratios Zouros

 Ocean Lakes High School                  Joshua Cole Faggert

 Princess Anne High School                Leah Gabriella Wilson

 Salem High School                             Annika Elizabeth Suh

 Tallwood High School                       Kari Amil Lea-Smith

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