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At Beach Ford, we love to hear from our customers. Come with us as we visit members of the Hampton Roads community to hear them share their story and their experience at Beach Ford. Tell us yours too!


Inlet Fitness:

Rick Reed is the owner of Inlet Fitness in Virginia Beach, a fitness facility that strives to be the most complete, accommodating, and diverse facility in the area. Rick and his family have purchased their vehicles from Beach Ford for many years and he loves his Beach Ford F-150.


Sarah Beth Stone:

Sarah Beth Stone, a graduate from Regent University with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema & TV and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing, works in the video production industry. Due to the affordable pricing at Beach Ford, Sarah Beth was able to purchase a 2015 Ford Fusion. This Beach Ford vehicle was a great choice for her line of work, and she loves her car!


Therapeutic Massage Works:

Rob Watson is the owner of Therapeutic Massage Works in Virginia Beach and bought his mustang from Beach Ford. Rob is dedicated to helping customers receive the best quality massage therapy services just as Beach Ford is dedicated to our customers and strive to provide outstanding service. Rob absolutely loves his Beach Ford Mustang and the deal he got at Beach Ford.


Black Creek Workshop:

Ben Bristow owns Black Creek Workshop, a company that specializes in carpentry for Historic Preservation & Fine Arts Conservation. Ben’s Beach Ford Transit is perfect for driving long distances and hauling supplies and equipment for his business. Come check one out at Beach Ford!


America’s Swimming Pool Co.:

Bill Schlemmer owns America’s Swimming Pool Company of Coastal Virginia (ASP) and is a proud owner of two company vehicles from Beach Ford. As a former member of the military, Bill appreciates good operations and both ASP and Beach Ford are known for that, as well as their experience, customer satisfaction, and high quality service.


Mary Olliges:

Mary Olliges is a Physical Education assistant in Virginia Beach and a military wife. Originally from Pensacola FL, she has been a resident of Virginia Beach for 25 years. She recently purchased her third Beach Ford Explorer! This dedicated Beach Ford customer plans on giving her older Explorer to her daughter when she graduates from Virginia Tech. We are glad to have the Olliges family as part of the Beach Ford family!


Stephanie Craig:

Stephanie Craig is a school teacher in Chesapeake, VA, and recently purchase her Ford Escape from Beach Ford. This vehicle is perfect for her job and her love for camping. A first-time buyer, Stephanie found Beach Ford to be very helpful in her search and financing of the vehicle. We love to see happy customers!


Jim Allen:

Jim Allen is a Virginia Beach resident, a veteran, and a long-time Beach Ford customer. He purchased a Beach Ford Mustang Cobra in 1993, and has come back over the years to buy company vehicles for his landscape business, as well as his wife’s Expedition, and his F-150 Platinum. Now retired, Jim Allen really gets to enjoy his Beach Ford vehicles!

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