See the Galaxtang in our showroom during our 4th Sales Event!

Have you met "The Galaxtang"? this one-of-a-kind vehicle started life as a beat-up 1966 Ford Galaxie 500. From a recently totaled 2006 Ford Mustang, we took the engine, dashboard, console, and the front seats and installed them in the Galaxy.

The Ford Galaxie was a full-sized car that was built in the United States of America by Ford for model years 1959 through to 1974. The name was used for the top models in Ford's full-size range from 1958 until 1961, in a marketing attempt to appeal to the excitement surrounding the Space Race.

The Beach Ford Collision Repair staff did the installation and bodywork and created "The Galaxtang" you see in the photos below. It represents the true muscle car from a bygone era!
You can view the Galaxtang in all its glory at our 4th of July sales event in our showroom! While it may not be for sale, you CAN get your hands on all sorts of cars, trucks, and SUV's

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