Avoid Winter Cat-astrophe

As the weather cools below the 50's and into freezing temperatures, Hampton Roads begins to change. The leaves change color, fashion advertising starts pushing winter wear, Christmas lights start popping up on homes and businesses, and furry friends like cats and dogs start to seek shelter indoors.

Raccoon's, rabbits, stray cats and dogs, and other creatures often seek shelter in and around automobiles. When you shut your engine off at night, the warmth will stick around and often attract a stray animal with a warm place to sleep.

Unfortunately, animals that find their way into wheel wells, into the engine compartment, or into other mechanical parts of your car get a rude awakening when you start the engine. Animals can be left injured, or even killed by injuries sustained from a car starting or moving.

There is a way to avoid this catastrophe though! In cold months simply walk around your car to check the wheel wells, the front grill, and next to tires for stray animals. If you are still worried there is an animal around your car when you sit down, honk your horn once or twice to scare the animal off.

And remember, if you're cold, your animals are cold too. Bring them inside during winter months so they don't have to find shelter in cars throughout the neighborhood. 

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