Three Reasons to Replace your Wiper Blades

With Fall quickly approaching and winter not too far behind it, it's time to start thinking of preparing your car for the change in seasons. One minor change you can execute today is replacing your windshield wiper blades. Every car has them, but be sure to check your owners manual for the correct size on all of the blades, be mindful that there are sometimes multiple sizes! (Check your rear-window for one as well!) And if you have any trouble changing blades at all be sure to visit Beach Ford of Virginia Beach today!

3 reasons to change wiper blades:

  1. Seasonal changes: The ice and snow in winter will damage regular wiper blades much faster than those manufactured to withstand cold temperatures and frozen windshields. Because of this, we recommend changing your wiper blades before the snow comes to Hampton Roads.
  2. Streaks and Smears: When your wipers cause streaks on your windshield, that’s another sign your wipers are damaged or dirty and need to be replaced. Sometimes wiping the blades with a paper towel will clear up this problem, but this is a temporary solution and may not be recommended for safe use of the vehicle.
  3. A rattling Sound: If you're hearing a rattling or otherwise loud sound when you're using your wiper blades, that means they need to go. Not only can noise irritating, but it also means the wipers aren’t cleaning your windshield the way they should because they’re only in contact with the glass some of the time (as opposed to a constant fluid motion). The inconsistent job left behind can cause vision problems while you’re on the road.

Stay safe this Fall and Winter! We hope to see you on the roadways, and we hope you see us through a clean and clear windshield! If you ever need maintenance, tips, tricks, and service, be sure to visit Beach Ford of Virginia Beach!

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