New Year, New Car Goals

2019 is here! And it's time to set your annual resolutions and goals for the new year. Are you trying to live a healthier lifestyle? Learn new skills? How about upgrading your car or truck? Your car is not only a useful tool for getting around but it is also an extension of yourself and should match your other positive life changes! 
  • Tough, smart and capable, Ford F-150 from America’s truck leader enters 2019 with exciting new upgrades. Match your desire to build strength and definition with the proven power of a Ford F-150. A 23-gallon fuel tank and a variety of power options from a V6 to EcoBoost and V8 help make the F-150 the best selling truck brand in America. 
  • Your sense of adventure and want to travel to new places pairs perfectly with the Ford Explorer or Expedition.  These vehicles are ready for any journey with great gas mileage and storage capacity for a family fo 4 or more. With navigation packages available, you can make sure you find new roads safely and confidently. A hands-free foot-activated liftgate will let you pack at your own pace as well. 
  • Making a unique and powerful statement in 2019 is easy with the help of a 2019 Ford Mustang. LED headlamps with signature lighting, body styling with dramatic lines and popping colors, and a powerful V8 engine makes this vehicle a stand-out on the streets. 2019 is your year and you can take it by the horns behind the wheel of a Mustang from Beach Ford. 
Whatever goals you set this year, one of them should be to visit Beach Ford to explore new vehicles and new financing options to trade in and upgrade your ride! 
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