Top Places to Visit in Virginia this July

It's July and that means that the heat is on and there are plenty of places to enjoy the summer sun! Have you seen all of the natural beauty that our great state has to offer? Whether you're in a high-tech Ford Fusion or an off-road-equipped Ford F-150, we know there are plenty of places to visit in the state made for Lovers!

  1. The Oceanfront - Of course, we'd start close to home and mention our great Virginia Beach Oceanfront! You'll love the first warm-water beach on the East Coast as it offers warm sands, stunning views, and a vibrant Oceanfront community we are thrilled to be a part of!
  2. Colonial Williamsburg - Founded in 1632 as a fortified settlement between the James and the York Rivers, Williamsburg was the capital of the Colony of Virginia from 1699-1780. Colonial Williamsburg and Historic Jamestown are hugely popular open-air museums stretching for several city blocks. They feature restored buildings from the 17th, 18th, and 19th century, and are staffed by historical reenactors dressed in period costume.
  3. The Blue Ridge Mountains - Shenandoah National Park was created in the 1920s and encompasses much of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as the rolling hills of Virginia’s Piedmont. The winding Shenandoah River and its valleys run through the park, as does the Skyline Drive, a 105-mile road that runs the length of the entire park. Skyline Drive is meant to be driven slowly, and drivers stop regularly at one of the seventy-five lookout posts along the route that have stunning views of the park’s scenery.
  4. Downtown Norfolk - Home to several universities, The Tides baseball team, and many local breweries and eateries, Downton Norfolk will satisfy any member of your family with an impossibly long list of attractions! At just 30 minutes from the Oceanfront, it makes a great stop on the way in or out of Virginia Beach as well!
  5. Old Town Alexandria - The Old Town Historic District, with its traditional cobblestone streets, is a hive of activity. There are historic buildings, including General Robert E. Lee’s boyhood home, art galleries, antique shops, and restaurants, all set against the backdrop of the Potomac River.
  6. Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge - Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is on the Virginia half of Assateague Island. Visitors to this barrier island come mainly to see the Chincoteague ponies, feral horses of diminished size due to their poor diet of salt marsh plants and grasses. The entire Virginia half of the island is a refuge for animals, some of them endangered, such as the sika deer and the piping plover.
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