Spin, Lime, Bird, and Scooters at Large

Spin, part of Ford Smart Mobility, announced a plan to launch its newest electric scooter model to support growth and demand into new and existing markets. Starting next month, Spin’s latest generation scooters will hit the streets of Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Washington D.C., Kansas City, Memphis, and Minneapolis, with more cities across the United States to follow.
Spin is the latest line of scooters akin to the Lime and Bird scooters you may have seen around Virginia Beach and Norfolk in the last few months. Met with equal parts criticism and praise, the scooters allow users to bypass the need for a car or other public transportation over short distance based on scooter availability. While these are great in dense urban areas, there is a learning curve for both riders and drivers that our area is going through right now. 

Spin customers will benefit from increased safety, security and reliability when the company launches its latest scooter. Designed to be a sturdier product and provide a safer, smoother, and more comfortable experience, the third edition Spin scooter features:

●      Larger frame, strengthened mechanical structure, and a wider and longer platform

●      More intuitive and responsive bike-handle braking system

●      Bigger (10-inch) tubeless tires, which provides better shock absorption over rough terrain and conditions

●      Rear drive high efficiency for improved acceleration and uphill performance

●      Custom security screws exclusively developed and manufactured for Spin’s scooters to deter tampering and vandalism

●      Significantly extended battery life, enabling each scooter to ride up to 37.5 miles at full charge

●      Upgraded Spin authentication system that is uniquely associated with its modules

In June, Spin launched a pilot program to test its latest model of scooters close to home in Baltimore, Maryland.

Initial testing allowed the company to assess performance, conduct safety checks, and ensure high product quality. The pilot study also showed promising results for increasing gross profit margin, while decreasing costs associated with theft and vandalism.

“In our testing of the next edition Spin scooter, we have seen a significant increase in utilization and our customers are taking more rides and traveling long distances,” said Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Zaizhuang Cheng. “We will continue to support the creation of more durable and robust scooters in order to meet the market demand, and provide our riders with a safe, smooth, affordable, and reliable ride.”

For more information about Spin, visit https://www.spin.app/

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