Ford is expanding GoRide Nationally

 Ford Motor Company is expanding its GoRide Health non-emergency medical transportation business nationwide, starting with Ohio. GoRide Health expects to deliver thousands of rides per day in six cities by the end of the year.

GoRide Health is operating in Toledo now, with service coming to Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus by the end of the year. Later this year, the business plans to begin offering its services in major cities in Florida, beginning with Miami. In 2020, it plans to expand to several other states, including North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, and California.

The startup transportation service spent more than a year perfecting its operations and customer experience in Southeast Michigan. GoRide Health's reputation for reliable, safe and quality service built upon healthcare compliance – and a 95 percent on-time rate through the first quarter of the year – has attracted the attention of large managed care organizations.

“GoRide Health is gaining momentum because it is a reliable, human-centered service for people whose very lives depend on making their medical appointments,” said Minyang Jiang (MJ), CEO of GoRide Health. “Despite a critical and growing need across our country, most patients are unable to find reliable transportation and drivers who understand their needs. GoRide Health can fill that gap.”

In addition to expanding its non-emergency medical transportation service to managed care organizations nationwide, GoRide Health is expanding service to assist city transit agencies, with the first being the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA) in Ohio.

Through the RTA’s Connect Paratransit and On-Demand programs, GoRide Health is now serving residents of the City of Dayton, Montgomery County and western Greene County who are unable to access other transportation options or need first- and last-mile solutions for existing fixed route transportation.

”Our partnership with GoRide is a great example of RTA’s ability to coordinate and connect the community with a highly qualified provider to increase mobility access for the citizens of this region,” said Brandon Policicchio, chief customer and business development officer at the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority. “What makes the partnership noteworthy is GoRide’s commitment and support of RTA’s goal to coordinate all the region’s mobility services so that through one call, or one tap of the app made to RTA, every citizen will get the ride they need.”

“Working closely with the Greater Dayton RTA allows us to reach people throughout the region who have trouble accessing reliable transportation,” MJ said. “We are truly privileged to be serving the community and providing better access to healthcare, food, medicine and other services. For GoRide Health, our values drive our business, because we at Ford believe that mobility is a fundamental right for all.”

GoRide’s non-emergency medical transportation offers true on-demand service that is especially useful for those in wheelchairs or who have other special needs. All drivers are HIPAA compliant and professionally trained to safely assist passengers. To enable efficiency, GoRide uses Ford’s proprietary dynamic routing technology to automatically dispatch and pool rides achieving a 95 percent on-time rate through the first quarter of 2019, with average wait times of 10-20 minutes, even for wheelchair transport. GoRide also uses data analytics to help payers identify where transportation gaps may exist, so that organizations can better target where services are most needed.


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